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Flavor of the Month

Join to receive hand dyed fabric each month in the quantity you want!
Enjoy one or more yards of hand dyed textured and mottled Pimatex 100% cotton. Pimatex cotton is an exceptionally high quality cotton fabric with the feel of Pima. It has a high thread count of 132x72.

On the first of each month, we will send you one or more yards (in increments of half-yards) for $25 for the first yard and $12.50 for each half-yard increment. You can begin the club anytime of the year.

Month 1 – Strawberry Swirl – scarlets, burgundies, raspberries and maroons

Month 2 – Orange Sherbet – oranges, apricots and rust oranges

Month 3 – Lemon Ice – yellows and golds,

Month 4 – Jubilee – a combination of three or more colors

Month 5 – Pistachio Mint – greens, olive greens, khakis and avocado

Month 6 – Seafoam – blue greens, aquamarines, teals, jades and turquoises

Month 7 – Blueberry – blues, navies and sky blues

Month 8 – Rainbow – a combination of three or more colors

Month 9 - Purple Passion – purples, violets and fuchsias

Month 10 - Chocolate, Chocolate Chip – browns, cocoas, rusts and bronzes

Month 11 – Blackberry – blacks with casts of red, green and/or blue

Month 12 – Neapolitan – a combination of three or more colors

Fill out and submit the form below to sign. We contact you to set up quantity and payment arrangements.

Flavor of the Month

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